Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Final Diagnosis..

Patellar Tendinitis. Ugh. Worse than the sprain. Since it hurts for day to day activities (such as you know, walking) the orthopedic guy told me 3-6 months before I can do much of anything. It's such a bummer. Such a let down. I'm so disappointed. Not to mention that I have at least 4 weeks of physical therapy (at 3 appts a week) to look forward to. And missing my race. I'm so far beyond disappointed, it borders on inconsolable. Once I go talk to the physical trainer, I'll talk to Team in Training about switching seasons. Hopefully I'll be better in time to commute my funds raised to the Summer season (which is the last season I can transfer it to). Some related info can be found..

I'm heartbroken.

But, in much better news, Tre's last treatment is coming up. We're gonna go party. YAY TRE!