Saturday, September 24, 2005

Long Run 3

Whew! A brief respite from the heat and humidity as of late. After missing training on Tuesday and Thursday this week, I was a bit nervous about this morning's run. When I woke up still feeling like I'd been smashed in the face with a brick I was more worried, and almost called it a day, but knew that if I did, I would regret it later and beat myself up. Instead, I got up to run. First I stole James' Nano. Omg, I need one. It was great, I could be distracted by music, and still hear my watch! It's on my to do list now. Other than that, the strong winds off the lake were a bit rough, and they never seemed to make it to my back either. I'm not sure how that works. The best part of today was finding some other people who were running my pace! It was awesome, it seemed to just fly by and when I was unsure if I could continue, they were right there with me to make sure I did. And vice versa. The whole team aspect is nice sometimes. Overall, I think this weekend was really a good run for me, it brought back some of my confidence. Even if I'm not going fast, I'm still going. I can still finish, and I can still raise money for a fantastic cause. It's not a cure, but it's a start.

Recommended Distance: 6 mi
Completed Distance: 6 mi
Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Weather: Windy