Saturday, September 10, 2005

Long Run 2

Woooooooh boy! I was pretty worried about the four miles, it seems awful far, and surprisingly, I handled it like a champ. I maintained my 5:1 run/walk ratio, I ran all four miles at about the same pace (mile 1 - 11:30, mile 4 - 10:45), and I am not (as of yet) passed out, dead, or otherwise incapacitated. Running is absolutely awesome sometimes, because well, I can run and feel like I'm a million feet tall. Mmm, what else. Got tested for new running shoes, did that, bought new shoes. I tried on three pairs, and when I tried this pair on, the second it was on my foot, I knew I'd found the one. Hooray new shoes! Just think, I ran over a 5K today, so next week's 5K should be a peice of cake, right? Hell yea it should. I also got to meet some really cool TNT members, chatted with my mentors a bit, and hung out with Tre and his family some. Tre is really awesome. He's an adorable little kid, and his parents are really, really nice. Talk about brave too. His last treatment will *hopefully* be in November. He just turned ten and suffers from ALL. (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia) He was nice enough to pose with me for a picture. Ignore me looking completely goofy on the side, I just ran four miles. (Not to mention, I typically look pretty goofy)


He's an awesome kid, and really, he and his family serve as a reminder of why I'm doing this in the first place.

Recommended Distance: 4 mi
Completed Distance: 4 mi.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wk 2, Day 3

Ah, back to my usual route, except shorter. Saturday is my long run, and three, count them: THREE soccer games. I almost didn't run tonight, because I feel like crap. I'm so depressed lately, I don't even think there's words to describe. But the run was kind of nice. I think I messed up setting up my new pedometer. Or I'm running even slower than I have been. Both are possible. I'd bet on the pedometer though, because well, I think I kept up a good pace tonight. I'm thinking about changing my run:walk ratio. Maybe at 5 minutes I'm just pushing a little too hard and my overall pace is slow. It's hard, because well, I feel slow, but I'm not sure if I'm running at a "slow" pace.. This weekend I'll hopefully get to stay with more of the pack (and maybe meet some people) at the team long run. We'll hope.

Recommended Distance: 1 mi
Completed Distance: roughly 1 mi
Time: 15 min, 24 sec
Weather: 84 degrees, 39.9% humidity. Clear.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Wk 2, Day 2

Downtrodden... It seems like my time is just getting slower. (at this rate I'll be running the marathon for like 13 hours. I think they shut the course by then..) Of course, I may have actually run a little over 2 miles today, but not much. First, the heat and humidity. It's killing me. The humidity by itself isn't too bad, since my lungs seem to operate a little bit better with the extra lubricant, but the heat in conjunction? Man, it's bad. How in the hell can it possibly be 88 degrees at 10 PM!? Maybe Texas isn't optimal marathon location, but it's what I got! Ran about .8 (or .9) miles to the high school, ran around the track once, (.25 mi) and ran the longer way home, about a mile. Not sure how keen I was on this route, a lot of slant to the roads, and it felt like my right achilles was taking a big work out. Tomorrow's my off day, which will be filled with soccer. Well, maybe fencing, then soccer. We'll see.

Recommended Distance: 2 mi
Completed Distance: 2 mi
Time: 27 min 12 sec
Weather: 88 degrees, 45.9% humidity. Clear.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Wk 2, Day 1

Whee. I suppose since I typically run in the evening, and since I haven't run since Saturday morning, it has felt like forever since I got a run in. So, I mixed it up and headed out to the track this evening.. I don't feel horribly challenged by my current pace. Looking forward to the rest of the month, it looks like it will be probably another week or two before I really start increasing my training much at all. I think I'm also going to use this opportunity to start tooling around with my diet. I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds, so this would be as good a time (or even better) as any I think. Starting tomorrow morning I'll be also keeping a food journal, so I can track down exactly why it is that I haven't been losing weight anyway. It may later become somehow incorporated into my running training journal, it may not, we'll see I suppose. Happy thoughts!

Recommended Distance: 1 mi
Completed Distance: 1 mi.
Time: 13 min 11 sec
Weather: 82 degrees, 39.6% humidity. Clear.