Saturday, September 03, 2005

Long Run 1

Wow. Let me first say that morning is a beautiful time of day... Sure, I do hate waking up early (alot), but when I walked out of the car at White Rock Lake this morning, I was all: 'Wow, look at that..' It's so pretty.. Another thing: I never realised so many people run! When we were driving up (the boyfriend had to drive me, because I've misplaced my keys), there seemed to be about a hundred fit, energetic people running around. Of course, all the people with negative three percent body fat made me super self-concious, but that's okay. We're all working at different goals. The Team in Training people were nice, but I ran all by my lonesome, since I don't really know anyone there, and no one was running at about my pace. Well, I think there were people running pretty close to my pace, but they started after I did. There also weren't too many people running the 2 miles today, most of everyone was running four instead. Of course, most of everyone is running the White Rock half marathon, which is much sooner than my marathon. My shoes are pinching my feet alot, I think they've swollen more from all of the activity lately.. Almost all of my shoes actually feel tight, most of them right across the ball of my foot, and in my toes. I'll have to look into new shoes soon.. Mmm, water. All Bran Oats & Honey Bar.. Mmm...

Recommended Distance: 2 mi
Completed Distance: 2 mi.
Time: 23 min, 59 sec. (11:30, 12:29)
Weather: 75 degrees, 65% humidity. Clear.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Day Four

Ho hum. Just a mild case of FOOD POISONING said the doctor. I knew it, all of this time, someone is trying to kill me! **Dramatic music interlude..** But in all seriousness: Dear Lord, please turn down the humidity. Thank you, <3<3, Reina. Humidity + Food Poisoning + Running does not feel very well. Normally my daily runs invigorate me, but tonight, tonight it was just no bueno. I felt sick, and as I ran farther, I just felt sicker. I kept going, stayed the course, though. I was driven. I kept thinking about how sick and nauseous chemotherapy makes people, but when they feel like they can't take anymore, they just keep having to. Sometimes thoughts like that make me sad, but it makes me able to push myself. I think of Stephanie, the girl on the Dallas Run Team who is in remission. Another sobering moment: Thinking about my loved ones in Lousiana. Hopefully they're all alright.

Recommended Distance: 1 mi
Completed Distance: 1.25 mi.
Time: 16 min 3 sec
Weather: 88 degrees, 52% humidity. Clear.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And on the Third Day

There was rest.. Sort of. Well, like I said, today was a rest day, but even though I think I'm dying of some sort of stomach ailment, I still managed to make it to the Girl's Soccer team tonight, only to have the other team not show up! Man, we haxxed them! We played a scrimmage (5 on 4.5 - my team had like an 8 year old little boy on it) and a good time was had by all. I'll miss some of the girls on the team (because they're super nice, super bad-ass ladies) so hopefully they call me up to sub for them some next season. So, we'll add 45 minutes or so of wind sprints to my running kind of. Oh, and I drove the route I ran yesterday, it was about 1.5 miles, so I was pretty right on about it. Of course, I drove all the way out to Frisco today, and found out that it's not even 25 miles from there to my place. So I can run to Ikea eventually. That would be so boss. Anyway, since I'm dying of some stomach ailment, I will now return back to the land of the sleeping.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Day 2

Ah, Day 2. Not alot to report. The run was easier (although my legs were alot less sore today than they were at the onset of yesterday's run) and well, it went well. I ran down a different route today than normal (mixing it up a bit), but it should have been between three quarters of a mile and a mile somewhere. So I ran somewhere between a mile and a half and two miles. The humidity is much lower today than it was yersterday, which was nice at least. I ran tonight after my Stitch N Bitch, where it was just Lauren and I this evening. I happened to mention that I was running for TNT for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and then she told me about how her grandmother passed away of Leukemia a few years ago. Of course, I always feel awkward when people talk about sad stuff, so I immediately doubled my talking pace and blathered incessantly about how absolutely fantastic the LLS and TNT program are. I don't mean to do things like that (and felt bad) but I think sometimes my mouth manages to speak faster than my brain can tell it to stop. I hope she wasn't offended. *sigh* I offered to make her grandmother one of my honoured heroes and run with a bracelet with her name on it. For me, it's easier to relate to a person than a disease. Since I have had health problems in the past, I find it easier to relate to others, than to talk about how awful the disease is. I get caught up in trying to think of all of the people I know that have it so horrible for various reasons, and that really motivates me to try and work to change it. I'm still unsure how others respond to that, but I'm always hyper worried about hurting someone's feelings inadvertantly. Anyway, tomorrow is an off night for the running, but I'll be playing soccer (for the last night) with my all-girls team. Let's hope we win!

Recommended Distance: 1 mi
Completed Distance: 1.5 mi-2 mi
Time: 18-20 minutes (I inadvertantly stopped my watch)
Weather: 85 degrees, 40% humidity. Clear.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Day 1

2 miles. Peice of cake, right? I jog/walk two miles as it is three or four times a week in addition to the 2 games of (some weeks 3) soccer and the fencing (and the lake when I find the time). Man, notice I said jog/walk. I've been going the two mile jaunt for awhile. I take the same route through my neighborhood, 1 mile there, 1 mile back. It's not terribly interesting, a little un-flat, but there's not a ton of traffic, and it's decently lit. Not to mention that I know how far a mile away from my house is. Man, today was something else though... I've decided to go with the lowest (read: easiest) training level, because it's closer to my skill level. Levels B and C recommended a five mile jaunt today, and well, I know I'm not there, so I figured level A is for me! Coach Joe recommended the running/walking method, which is a-okay for me, I definantly can't push myself continuously. So, I used my nifty new Timex watch to set the pace. Now again to the recommended levels. He says beginners will probably feel comfortable with a 3 min run: 1 min walk ratio, with a good ratio at 7 min: 1 min. Well, I figure I've ran some before, I play 45 minute soccer games, I can hang. Let's shoot low and go for 5:1. It was.. a little harder than I anticipated. But: I stayed the course, completed my standard two miles, and learned if I try, I can very, very slowly jog for 2 miles with only a couple minutes to walk. I'm so awesome.

Recommended Distance: 1/2 mi
Completed Distance: 2 mi (Since this is my 'normal' go, I can run this until the 'training' distances catch up)
Time: 22 minutes, 53 seconds.
Weather:82 degrees, 65% humidity. Overcast.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Ohnoes! Running too!

Sure sure, some people may know me from Unwound, but I didn't want my running to inundate my knitting site, so I tossed up a blog specifically for my running. So, my mission, which I've already accepted, is going to be to run the Freescale Austin marathon for Team In Training and the Leukemia Lymphoma society. I'm tracking my training and progress here, so that everyone who is interested (and hopefully donated) can see my personal mission to help. My mantra today: TrainEndureAcheieveMatter. Thanks for visiting!