Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wk 2, Day 3

Ah, back to my usual route, except shorter. Saturday is my long run, and three, count them: THREE soccer games. I almost didn't run tonight, because I feel like crap. I'm so depressed lately, I don't even think there's words to describe. But the run was kind of nice. I think I messed up setting up my new pedometer. Or I'm running even slower than I have been. Both are possible. I'd bet on the pedometer though, because well, I think I kept up a good pace tonight. I'm thinking about changing my run:walk ratio. Maybe at 5 minutes I'm just pushing a little too hard and my overall pace is slow. It's hard, because well, I feel slow, but I'm not sure if I'm running at a "slow" pace.. This weekend I'll hopefully get to stay with more of the pack (and maybe meet some people) at the team long run. We'll hope.

Recommended Distance: 1 mi
Completed Distance: roughly 1 mi
Time: 15 min, 24 sec
Weather: 84 degrees, 39.9% humidity. Clear.


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