Monday, September 05, 2005

Wk 2, Day 1

Whee. I suppose since I typically run in the evening, and since I haven't run since Saturday morning, it has felt like forever since I got a run in. So, I mixed it up and headed out to the track this evening.. I don't feel horribly challenged by my current pace. Looking forward to the rest of the month, it looks like it will be probably another week or two before I really start increasing my training much at all. I think I'm also going to use this opportunity to start tooling around with my diet. I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds, so this would be as good a time (or even better) as any I think. Starting tomorrow morning I'll be also keeping a food journal, so I can track down exactly why it is that I haven't been losing weight anyway. It may later become somehow incorporated into my running training journal, it may not, we'll see I suppose. Happy thoughts!

Recommended Distance: 1 mi
Completed Distance: 1 mi.
Time: 13 min 11 sec
Weather: 82 degrees, 39.6% humidity. Clear.


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