Thursday, September 15, 2005

Week 3, Day 3

Wow, the times just seem to be getting slower and slower don't they? Well, there's at least some silver lining, I know I ran the first mile in just under 15 minutes. About 14 minutes and 45 seconds actually. So why the big change there? That's like a two minute difference between the first and second mile. I imagine it's my muscles warming up maybe. I do some stretching before I run, but since my first mile consistently seems to be my slowest thus far, I either get bummed about that and run faster, or my muscles just aren't at their peak performance yet. Who knows. Also why are my long runs so much speedier than my daily runs? Motivation? Mis-measured course? Well, let's hope the White Rock course is right at least, I'll hit the track next week to test my times out there. (Even though my track times are usually equally discouraging, I had bad track experiences in school) Oh, and the humidity. Jeez the humidity today. I think I could taste the air. Overall though, I'm so far disappointed with myself, and discouraged. Poor fundraising + Poor Running = NO SOUP FOR ME! :) If things don't change soon, I'm afraid I won't meet my goals.

Recommended Distance: 2 mi.
Completed Distance: 2 mi.
Time: 27 min 30 sec
Weather: 77 degrees, 88.7% humidity. Clear. 885


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