Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Week 3, Day 2

Wowzers, my first day of skipping training immediately followed by my worst training yet. Coincidence? Probably not. To be fair, my muscles were still really sore from Saturday night's soccer yesterday. Three games in 2.5 hours was probably pushing it a little, especially after the long run. Alas, it is a decision already past I suppose. Not to mention, I apparantly misread my training calendar, and did twice what I should have anyway. I suppose since I didn't run yesterday maybe that's alright. Mile 1 was okay, I had to stop for a couple of seconds because there was a rock in my shoe, but overall, I say my new shoes are a pretty good fit. (like a dream so far) I need to start using my new blister pads though, because the bottom of my big toes are rubbed raw, but in my new shoes I didn't notice the same kind of impact. Of course, I think soccer is a worse impact on that anyway. Damn you turf. The first mile was slow, like 13 minutes or so exactly. No big deal, I'm obviously having motivation problems or something, who knows. The second mile was horrible however. I walked most of it (my first skimping on the 5:1 ratio), because well, I just felt I couldn't run anymore. I'm not sure if it's running at night, or the heat/humidity, what I'm putting into my body, my overall wellbeing, etc etc. I'll pinpoint it. Just try and keep going. There are those who don't have a choice. Humbly yours this evening.
Recommended Distance: 1 mi
Completed Distance: 2 mi.
Time: 22 min 52 sec
Weather: 90 degrees, 52.3% humidity. Clear.


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