Saturday, September 03, 2005

Long Run 1

Wow. Let me first say that morning is a beautiful time of day... Sure, I do hate waking up early (alot), but when I walked out of the car at White Rock Lake this morning, I was all: 'Wow, look at that..' It's so pretty.. Another thing: I never realised so many people run! When we were driving up (the boyfriend had to drive me, because I've misplaced my keys), there seemed to be about a hundred fit, energetic people running around. Of course, all the people with negative three percent body fat made me super self-concious, but that's okay. We're all working at different goals. The Team in Training people were nice, but I ran all by my lonesome, since I don't really know anyone there, and no one was running at about my pace. Well, I think there were people running pretty close to my pace, but they started after I did. There also weren't too many people running the 2 miles today, most of everyone was running four instead. Of course, most of everyone is running the White Rock half marathon, which is much sooner than my marathon. My shoes are pinching my feet alot, I think they've swollen more from all of the activity lately.. Almost all of my shoes actually feel tight, most of them right across the ball of my foot, and in my toes. I'll have to look into new shoes soon.. Mmm, water. All Bran Oats & Honey Bar.. Mmm...

Recommended Distance: 2 mi
Completed Distance: 2 mi.
Time: 23 min, 59 sec. (11:30, 12:29)
Weather: 75 degrees, 65% humidity. Clear.


At Saturday, September 03, 2005 6:45:00 PM, Blogger C.Marie said...

Bravo on your week of running! How long have you been at it? A thought on your shoes pinching your feet...It would be great if you could get your feet analyzed. In our Oklahoma City area we have an Athlete's Feet that scan your feet for free with a special computer pad. After the scan they measure your feet and then put all this info together and direct you to shoes that will work the best with your fee. It has made so much difference for me. As you log more and more miles it will become a lifesaver.


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