Thursday, September 01, 2005

Day Four

Ho hum. Just a mild case of FOOD POISONING said the doctor. I knew it, all of this time, someone is trying to kill me! **Dramatic music interlude..** But in all seriousness: Dear Lord, please turn down the humidity. Thank you, <3<3, Reina. Humidity + Food Poisoning + Running does not feel very well. Normally my daily runs invigorate me, but tonight, tonight it was just no bueno. I felt sick, and as I ran farther, I just felt sicker. I kept going, stayed the course, though. I was driven. I kept thinking about how sick and nauseous chemotherapy makes people, but when they feel like they can't take anymore, they just keep having to. Sometimes thoughts like that make me sad, but it makes me able to push myself. I think of Stephanie, the girl on the Dallas Run Team who is in remission. Another sobering moment: Thinking about my loved ones in Lousiana. Hopefully they're all alright.

Recommended Distance: 1 mi
Completed Distance: 1.25 mi.
Time: 16 min 3 sec
Weather: 88 degrees, 52% humidity. Clear.


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