Monday, August 29, 2005

Day 1

2 miles. Peice of cake, right? I jog/walk two miles as it is three or four times a week in addition to the 2 games of (some weeks 3) soccer and the fencing (and the lake when I find the time). Man, notice I said jog/walk. I've been going the two mile jaunt for awhile. I take the same route through my neighborhood, 1 mile there, 1 mile back. It's not terribly interesting, a little un-flat, but there's not a ton of traffic, and it's decently lit. Not to mention that I know how far a mile away from my house is. Man, today was something else though... I've decided to go with the lowest (read: easiest) training level, because it's closer to my skill level. Levels B and C recommended a five mile jaunt today, and well, I know I'm not there, so I figured level A is for me! Coach Joe recommended the running/walking method, which is a-okay for me, I definantly can't push myself continuously. So, I used my nifty new Timex watch to set the pace. Now again to the recommended levels. He says beginners will probably feel comfortable with a 3 min run: 1 min walk ratio, with a good ratio at 7 min: 1 min. Well, I figure I've ran some before, I play 45 minute soccer games, I can hang. Let's shoot low and go for 5:1. It was.. a little harder than I anticipated. But: I stayed the course, completed my standard two miles, and learned if I try, I can very, very slowly jog for 2 miles with only a couple minutes to walk. I'm so awesome.

Recommended Distance: 1/2 mi
Completed Distance: 2 mi (Since this is my 'normal' go, I can run this until the 'training' distances catch up)
Time: 22 minutes, 53 seconds.
Weather:82 degrees, 65% humidity. Overcast.


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